GroupSync Launch

GroupSync Launch

Today I’m happy to announce that our first app, GroupSync, is live for public use. Working at a remote-first company, I quickly and thoroughly embraced asyncronous communication. It felt natural and easy, and my team really liked it. However, my company runs on Slack and Google Workspace and I frequently have to update a Slack group such as @engineers alongside a Google Group such as After years of doing this manually, I finally decided to build an app that can keep my Slack and Gmail groups in sync automatically, so that I can tag groups in Slack and send emails in Gmail without thinking about whether everyone who needs to see something is in each group.

GroupSync automatically syncs your groups between Google and Slack.

For example, if you have a support team, you will be able to tag @support-team in Slack and be confident that all of the same people that receive emails to get tagged.


  1. Sync your groups between Slack & Gmail
  2. Do a one-time sync or automatically sync in the background
  3. Preview changes to your groups before syncing
  4. Control your sync by including or excluding specific groups

Get started at and please reach out with any feedback, questions, or suggestions to